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Murksli KRUZER is our all-rounder. A longboard by its size with a distinctive and convenient tail. Made for city cruising as well as for some hill-bombings. The board is handcrafted out of selected mountain maple wood, walnut-tree root layers and covered in aluminum oxide for the perfect grip.

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Dimensions: Length: 35″, Width: 9″, Wheelbase: 20″
Cracked wood: The style of a cracked walnut layer is random and depends on a selected veneer layer that is used at a moment of manufacturing. It is not reproducable. Product picture is symbolic.
Production time: 10 days
Shipping: We ship to all EU countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and China. Priority mail with tracking and tracing.
Exchanges and returns: All boards are custom made for each customer. We inspect every board and hardware before shipping. Exchanges & returns are not possible.

Randal RII 150mm in 50º angle are a living legends and made for carving tight, quick turns while maintaining a stable geometry. Maintain stability at higher speeds, through turns and while pushing. Lifetime Guarantee. Made in the USA.
Randal Fuller has been making trucks since 1978! Known for their strength and precision, Randal is referred to as the “standard” in the reverse kingpin truck industry.

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Autobahn Beast 63mm in 78a hardness is a classic wheel, ideal for crushing over anything in your path. Holding firm on corners at high speeds or just joy-pumping those concrete waves… Clear urethane on a clear core for a smooth ride.
The Autobahn Wheel Company was started in 2001 with a focus on producing the best skateboarding wheels possible. Over 10 years later, Autobahn are still pushing to improve the wheel. All of their products are tested and re-tested before release. Quality comes first.

Biltins are the first precision skateboard bearing developed to effectively handle the side loads caused by drifting, sliding, and high traction cornering. Biltin Bearings have integrated precision washers on the outside and two perfect half-spacers on the inside. You can tighten up the locknuts all the way and your wheels will spin straighter and faster than ever before.

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