city cruiser

Murksli KRUZER is our most versatile shape. A longboard by its size with a distinctive and convenient tail. Made for city cruising as well as for some hill-bombings.

The board is handcrafted out of selected mountain maple wood, walnut-tree root layers and covered in aluminum oxide for the perfect grip.

We have carefully selected the hardware that goes along with the board. Legendary Randal reverse kingpin trucks in 50° angle, precision Biltin bearings and grippy Autobahn wheels! No cheap parts and all-american made hardware means we care about the quality and control of your ride.
Length: 35″, Width: 9″, Wheelbase: 20″

7 layers of mountain maple wood; 2 layers of aged walnut

Autobahn Beast; 63mm; 78a

Randal Trucks RII; 150mm, 50º

High precision Biltin bearings w. integrated washers

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